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Monthly E-motions- Illuminated December

Monthly E-motions- Illuminated December

As the city of lights decks up for Christmas with illumination everywhere, we wish for a happy end to this year and a new beginning for all of you. May there be light everywhere. Don't forget to check out our Gift ideas for Christmas.


x-mas goodies


Music to the ears

On a musical note, this month begins with the concert Beauty of Khayal of Pandit Shiv Kumar accompanied by Latif Khan on tabla at Centre Mandapa. Not long after, we will be delighted to welcome two maestros of Indian Classical -Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma in a concert at Salle Pleyel. We can't wait for the magic to begin. The soulful rendition of Japanese music by the trio of Hijiri-Kai- Teruhisa Fukuda (shakuhachi), Shihô Kineya (shamisen), Kyoko Tashiro (koto) can be experienced at their concert at Musée Guimet. Indian popular dance is presented in a bollywood styled spectacle the Bollywood Show throughout the month. The troupe of Lasya Tandava will present the story of Mirabai in their show Manmohana.

Indian Cuisine Noël


Starting the first weekend of December, we are reminded by Salon Saveurs that Christmas is round the corner. The theme for this gourmet trade fair is 'Christmas from regions' and quite true to its name, it promises to put an accent on regional products such as foie gras, cheeses, wines, spices etc. Don't forget to check-out Indian chef Anil Abhimanyu Sharma at the Salon for his workshop on Indian cooking. Speaking of which, you might like to attend the Christmas Special of Indian Cuisine workshop with him. Ever wondered how is it like to cook in a boat ? If you are curious, you might also like to assist 'Cuisine à board'- real kitchens from the boats installed at Salon Nautic so that the chef can prepare food in a simulated environment when the boat is inclined at 20° !   

We Salute

It is always heartening to see people involved in Indian culture in some way irrespective of their own native culture. This month, we salute two exceptional photographers- Takeshi Momose and Gilles Cohen- for their photographic work in India. Visions of India is a series of photographs taken by Takeshi Momose during his several trips to India. A master of urban landscapes that are captured at a moment of absence of the human presence, his photos are intriguing somehow suggesting the loneliness of the big cities despite a superficial cover of animation. Gilles Cohen is a French professional photographer who has spent time in India and has come out with some brilliant capture of his vision of Indians and their routine life. For all amateurs of photography, Japan Cultural House of Paris (MCJP) has Voyages- Japanese photographers' view of the world. There are also some free conferences and talks built around the subject of Japanese photography- its history and evolution. Artist Kathleen Scarboro is holding her exhibition of 'Indian Compositions'- a collection of 21 works around the theme of India. Not to miss !



Paris with children during Christmas holidays

Coming back to the theme of Christmas and school holidays, there are lots of activities in Paris to keep the young ones and young at heart busy. All of us are 'enchanted by the manège'- the colourful merry-go-rounds with wooden horses, elephants etc, decorated with lights and a loud music of nursery ryhmes. Paris municipality makes one merry-go-round free during winter vacations in each district. There would also be free ice-skating rinks at Hotel de Ville and at Montparnasse including a free crash course in skating ! Christmas markets will be open for better part of the month to indulge in some Christmas shopping at the Champs-Elysees right up to Concorde. There is a Giant Wheel installed at Place de la Concorde for adults and children alike.


Various circus offer winter amusement under the tent- Phenix Circus has invited artists from Peking Circus for a breathtaking display of acrobatics and other circus number. There is Eastern European insipred Circus Romanès, South American inspired show Pampa from Circus Alexis Gruss throughout the month and a few days of Circus Arlette Gruss before it goes on tour to other cities.



New Year's Parties

There are lots of choices for everyone to end the year on a party note. For the ubiquitous French touch, opt for the Christmas week at Moulin Rouge or new years celebration at Moulin Rouge celebrating its 120 years. An Indian dose to the parties is offered by St.Sylvestre with India Culture or South Indian Bollywood New Year Show or even Réveillon Oriental including Bollywood dance and maghreb food specialties. There is a selection of various parties to give you an idea for a befitting end to an eventful year.


If you do have some time left from this hectic month, don't forget to smile and be happy!


Yours etc.