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Monthly E-motions- Natural November

Monthly E-motions- Natural November

As autumn sets in, this month is presenting all that is natural and basic- from Zen to innocent childhood. We salute the spirit of simplicity and wish for the happiness for one and all.




La voie du Thé would be presenting free conferences on the role of Zen in arts and its symbolism in the Japanese Ceremony of Tea. There is a free session of Zazen for the new initiates. Calligraphy is an expression of beauty in writing from ancient literatures to Zen minimalism. Learn Tibetan Calligraphy with Lungtok Choksang of INALCO.


As the school vacations continue in the first week of November, there are a few activities to engage the little ones in leisure while learning at the same time. Cine-festival 'Mon premier festival' meant for children from 2-12 years is will contrinue its spillover from October before the vacations end. Discover life at the farm on Wednesdays and weekends. Free workshop on bird watching allows children and adults to learn more about the bird species and their role in bio-diversity.


'Operation Cheval dans la Ville' for better part of the month provides an opportunity to children to have free horse riding lessons. Try the green hand with free workshops on sprout cultivation and Gardening on Wednesdays. Most of these activities are not restricted to children alone, they are open to all public. Children's favourite cartoon hero Asterix turns 50 and is celebrating it with an exhibition at Musée Cluny- discover his world through this panorama of collected objects from the time of his creation.



  Asterix à Musée Cluny


On the subject of going out in Paris with kids, there are articles on Discover nature in Paris with children and Paris Woodlands- Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincenne to be informed of outings from the comfort of your favourite reading corner! On cultural front, Dr.Sawmy, our guest speaker, offers his vision of Paris Rhetoric in the first part of this multi-series. He will present his take on famous sites and monuments of Paris from a historical and cultural perspective.




India quotient is provided by the conference Two visions of Gangetic India by Reine Prost courtesy The Badrinaths. Anil Abhimanyu Sharma, who has been also been featured as our Indian under spotlight invites you to two workshops on Indian cuisine- Dinner with friends, Bollywood Brunch & Indian cuisine workshop.


La Journée de l'Inde promises to create a mini India with its trade fair- Indian dances, songs, fashions shows, animations, food stalls, health care Ayurvedic products, handicrafts etc. Sharmila Sharma, the Kathak dancer par excellence, will present 3 shows at Musée Guimet. Zenith at Paris will bring the popular Bollywood culture that is à la mode these days through Vaibhavi Merchant's La Fabuleuse Histoire de Bollywood.

Exhibitions Renoir in the XXth Century and from Byzantium to Istanbul continue throughout the month. Discover ancient Paris through the Great monuments of Lutetia. As Eiffel Tower continues to celebrate its 120 years, there is Eiffel Tower light and colour show each evening.


Keep watching this space for updates!

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