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Monthly E-motions- Invigorating September

The vacations are over and the 'rentrée' is here. Hope you have all had good and relaxing August and that you are looking forward to getting back to an invigorating September full of activities- be it on professional or personal front !


Le Bain et le Mirroir Ecouen


Reopening of the schools is on Wednesday, September 2nd (Thursday, September 3rd for Kindergarten and others where applicable) all over the France. Calendar of Vacations for the academic year 2009-2010 is available for ready reckoning.


Venus detachant sa sandale

 As a reminder, the first Sunday of every month entitles free entrance to most of the museums. This allows access to several ongoing exhibitions and permanent collections at these museums. The nostalgia of the city of Paris, that was once called Lutetia, can be experienced through The Great Monuments of Lutetia, and two parallel exhibitions of The Bath and the Mirror at Museum Cluny and The Bath and the Mirror at Ecouen.

The exhibition Renoir in the 20th Century starts this month. It will showcase the master painter's works from his later years that have not been a part of public study before. An excellent opportunity for students, art afficionados and amateurs alike to get up close and personal with Renoir. Ongoing free exhibitions 120 years of the Eiffel Tower are an excellent medium for tourists and locals alike to delve into the century long history of Eiffel Tower. 
Terrasse à Cagnes

Till next, have fun everyone!