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Monthly E-motions- Relaxing August

Monthly E-motions- Relaxing August

August ushers in the much needed repose from frenetic activity. Hope you are all enjoying summer no matter where in the world you belong. The latest additions to the website is a section on French culture- Know Your France- to give you an insight into its various nuances.


Isabelle Anna


With so many Indians making a difference in various creative fields, this month our compass has come back to honour the Indians in Paris. Isabelle Anna offers Kathak Courses in Paris in August beginning. Making headline news is Prithwindra Mukherjee who has been included to the rank of Knight of the Order of the Arts and the Letters (Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) last June. The award, given by the French ministry of culture and communication, recognises significant contribution to the fields of arts and literature. A fulbright scholar, living in Paris for more than 2 decades, Mr. Mukherjee has made contributions for translation of French literature and as a researcher in the human and social sciences department of the CNRS, Paris.

Last month saw the conclusion of the VIIth Biennial International of Gravure of Ile-de-France. As many as 49 Indian artists participated in the exhibition cum competition along with 12 French artists. Indian artist Dimple Shah won the Grand Prix for her work 'Metamorphic Combustion'. India was also the country of honour at the French National day military parade on the Champs-Elysées. As many as 450 Indian soldiers from Indian army, navy and air force participated, decked in Indian military uniforms. As a prelude to the upcoming Annual Ganesha Festival and Parade at the Indian Quarter, a smaller parade 'Festival de L'Inde' was organised on July 5th in the Quartier Indien.

Paris has been inhabited for more than 700,000 years. The city was called Lutetia before being named Paris. Its written history dates back to a few decades before Christ. This article gives you an insight in the origins of 'Paris' and its etymology. Read more.

Tour de France came to an end after 3 weeks of what is considered by some as the most enduring athletic event. Ever wondered how it all started. Read on to discover how France is the birthplace of the most prestigious bicycling event in the world.

Plan de Lutèce

This month, our Indians under spotlight are The Badrinaths who have been living in France for almost 4 decades. Keeping an Indo-French inter-cultural exchange alive through their association GRFI for close to twenty years, they are a beacon of inspiration to the younger generations.

Starting this month, we shall have guest authors sharing their experience of various aspects of French life and of living in Paris. Life in CIUP from Rahul Agrawal aims at helping prospective students in familiarizing themselves with the Cité Universitaire.

Le Bain et Le Mirroir


August end will see once again the Ganesha Festival in Quartier Indien. This month is the last chance as the exhibition Infinite India- Exhibition of Images draws to a close. Museum Guimet is hosting Mini-conferences on Hinduism and Buddhism. Paris Plages or the beaches of Paris have become an added attraction for the tourists and the locals alike, intermittent rainy weather notwithstanding. Vacations will be given a befitting end by the transilien Rock festival Rock en Seine in its 7th edition this year. Inviting rock groups from France and elsewhere, this time around, the festival has added the camping option for spectactors who might like to camp under the starlit sky for the duration of the fest.


In keeping with the theme of discovering the origin of the beautiful Paris, The Great Monuments of Lutetia is a good place to start. In addition, two exhibitions take us to the earlier Roman era and the later Renaissance period to delve into the deeper rituals of body-care of the days of yore. Don't miss The Bath and the Mirror (Paris) and The Bath and the Mirror (Ecouen) as the Museum of Middle Age & Cluny baths opened its doors once again after restoration. Exhibitions celebrating the 120 years of Eiffel Tower are still on till December end.


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