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Monthly E-motions- Indulgent July

Enjoy Kathak Dance performance by Artists Anuj & Kantika Mishra at Centre Mandapa.


Anuj & Kantika Mishra


Through out better part of the second fortnight, fun and frolic beckon to the beaches of Paris. Have fun everyone!

Sportive theme of June is continued with the prestigious bicycling competition 'Le Tour de France 2009' this month. Relaxation and Indulgence are here as July kicks off the vacation season.

Ustad Sayeddudin Dagar is in concert with Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma. Take a culinary trip to India with Indian cuisine workshops in the first week.Join like-minded fans of Shah-Rukh Khan for lunch and film screening at the Annual get-together of Asian Outlook. Lovers of Cinema and Japanese Animation will have Japan Pop Culture Festival in the first half of the month. Indulge in some shopping spree while the Summer Sale is on in Paris from June 24th- July 28th.




Anil Abhimanyu Sharma, a photographer by profession and an Indian cook by choice, invites you to workshops on Indian Cuisine. Dinner with friends on July 3rd and Bollywood brunch on July 4th will be hosted by his Association India Calling. Dinner or Brunch included in the workshop! Reserve your places!

Learn more about the History of Bicycle Races in France as the Tour de France 2009 starts in the first week of July. Kicking off from Monaco on July 4th, the 96th Edition of this prestigious cycling competition will be held till July 26th. The race will map through 6 countries covering approx 3,500 kms over a period of 21 days. You may be able to follow the progress on sports channels or national TV. A chance for Parisians to witness the sporting competition live as the Tour will culminate on the Champs-Elysées in a prize giving ceremony on July 26th. Get details.


Tour de France

Love Japanese Mangas and Animation ?! Japan Cultural House (MCJP) is hosting the Japan Pop Culture Festival from July 2nd-5th. The festival is free for all. In addition to watching various animations with like-minded crowd, there is a chance to meet some of the creators, directors and producers behind the popular characters of Japanese animations. Tomoki Kyoda, Masahiko Minam, Shôji Kawamori, Mizuho Nishikubo and Mitsuhisa Ishikawa would be present in person to interact with the spectators. In addition, there would be fashion shows, exhibitions etc. Get details.


Summer fun is bringing music to the Parc André-Citroen on the banks of river Seine with the upcoming free 'Sous La Plage' festival welcoming English, French and Turkish rock, pop and folk music.


Continue to celebrate Japanese Animation in all-night long screenings on the opening night of the 7th Paris Cinema Festival. Turkey is the country of honour at the festival which will be on from July 4th-14th. Movie screenings, coffee breaks, events and surprises will be the feature of the opening night. Open to public on Saturday, July 4th, the night screenings will start at 08:00 PM and will continue till wee hours of Sunday morning. Each participating Cinema hall will hold screening of a different genre- Sexy Asian Comedies Night at Noveau Latina, Turkish Superheros Night at Max Linder, Premieres Night at Gaumont Capucines, Russ Meyer Night at Panthéon, Japanese Animation Night at Studio des Ursulines and the New American Comedy Night at Champo. A Pass costing 25€ allows unlimited access to film screenings and events all through the fest. Well worth a try! Get details.



Paris Cinema Festival 2009


Celebrate the eve of the French national day with an Indian Soiree- Chak de India ! Musée Guimet is holding a mini-conference on Buddhism in India and South-East Asia on July 9th. For little guests, there would be a folding-screen exhibition on 'All Gods of India' on July 27th. Get details.


Come July 14th and the French celebrate their National Day. The spectacular fireworks at the Eiffel Tower will be on display at night. This will be preceded by a free concert of Johnny Hallday and other stars from the French music scene. Don't miss! There will be fireworks in sub-urbs around Paris, each with their own program. Some cities hold the fireworks on July 13th. Contact respective municipality office for details.


Radja Basté

Learn Bollywood Dance with Radja Basté. Summer Sale continues throughout the month. If you have not yet picked up that discounted accessory, clothing item or gadget yet, now is the time before it disappears.

Need not head to the sea-front for beaches. The city of Paris has been creating beaches right in the heart of the city since 2002. From Louvre to Pont de Sully on the Georges Pompidou lane and at Basin de la Villette, two sites would be converted to beaches, with tons of sands and complete with palm trees. Play beach sports or relax on the deck chairs, listen to free concerts or borrow books for free for beach reading, kayaking or canoeing, do what you will, summer fun is not far at the Paris Plages !


If you have not already been to Infinite India- an Exihbition of Images at Boulogne, this might just be the time to catch up. Several free exhibitions celebrating the 120 years of the Eiffel Tower are also on in the city.


On on!!!


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Thali: Anil Abhimanyu Sharma