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President's Christmas Tree

French president's official residence, Le Palais de l'Elysée, is not privy to the festive spirit. I am sure that there must be have been a precedent to this tradition to have a giant Christmas Tree befitting the courtyard of France's President. But it is only now with media savvy Nicolas Sarkozy that I have begun noticing the details!


The tree that has been selected to adorn the President's house 'has to be' in keeping with the ecological trend that the world is shifting its conscience towards. So this tree is not a product of unmindful deforestation. Like many others available in the French market, this has been culture grown in the nursery. Such nurseries are found around the region of Jura (French Alps), Haute Savoie etc. Our 'protagonist' comes from the nursery situated at the Lake des Settons, in the Nièvre department.


Of the Nordmann family which is gaining popularity in France for their softer leaves and longer duration, 'our' tree has seen 30 winters already. It is 9 meters in height and weighs about a ton. In keeping with the collective French consciousness of health, it has not undergrown any chemical treatment during its growing up years. So much for the physical statistics and sound health!

Christmas tree in a commercil center

Coming to its temporary abode for a few weeks, it got settled down on Dec 5th. Taking a night to 'adjust' and acclimatize itself to the new environment, it was ready to dress up, for its 15 minutes of fame, the next day. 


Like for any public personality under arc-lights, the time of preparation before presenting oneself to the public, is worth it. It took about 13 hours to dress the tree up with lights and decorations. It is adorned with 5000 ball ornaments in red, blue and golden colour. There are 200 odd illumination garlands, running 4 kilometers, fitted with 2800 low consumption ampoules.


AFSNN (the French Association of Christmas Trees) & Val'Hor (Interprofessional Organisation for valuation of products and crafts of horticulture, florists and landscapists) support the installation.




With so much care taken to present it, let us hope that this Christmas tree will bring happiness and joy to those around it !


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