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Christmas in Paris

Gift ideas for Christmas

The Christmas is just around the corner. Here are a few suggestion for some shopping during the holiday season. It is a season for giving and receiving or even buying gifts for oneself ! Go indulge ! 

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This is specially a fun time for children who impatiently await their Père Noël (French version of Santa Claus which, literally translated, means Father Christmas!)


Christmas in Parisian School


Schools close for Christmas holidays for two weeks starting from the weekend preceding Christmas. Most of the French children from middle-class household attend municipal schools. In Paris, and suburban areas, today was the last day of school before Christmas holidays.

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French president's official residence, Le Palais de l'Elysée, is not privy to the festive spirit. I am sure that there must be have been a precedent to this tradition to have a giant Christmas Tree befitting the courtyard of France's President. But it is only now with media savvy Nicolas Sarkozy that I have begun noticing the details!

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Writing about Christmas in Paris, I could not help but notice the eco-friendliness that has slowly crept into our Parisian lives. Even without realizing, there is a gradual shift in our awareness about issues relating to the environment. This, however, does not have to happen at the cost of enjoying the holiday season! Here are some initiatives and suggestions from the city of Paris for celebrating the spirit of festivals while retaining the responsibility to the environment.


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Christmas Market is a regular feature in any European City worth its salt! Called Marché de Noël in French, the earliest Christmas Market in France dates back to 1570 from Strasbourg. This comes as no surprise considering that the origins of such markets can be traced back to Germany from the middle ages.


Chritmas Market


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