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Indian Holi in Paris

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French photographer VĂ©ronique Durruty knows how to play Holi* and she has played it not once but thrice. She has been to different locations in India- from Mathura to Vrindavan*, Benares to Udaipur- during Holi that made her immerse herself in the festival of colours and see it from different angles.


VĂ©ronique durruty's Indian Holi


For VĂ©ronique, "Holi is a celebration of legend of Krishna and Radha- the fesitval where everything is allowed. Women in chic sarees getting drunk on bhang, masses in temple that look like rock groupies, everyone gets transformed in a moving Arlequin, and on the ground, the earth resembles a giant canvas of abstract painting. Is this the fervour or the extreme debauchery ? Happy Holi, India has become crazy ! "

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Raj Kapoor is the quintessential showman of Bollywood. Belonging to the first family of Indian Cinema, he began his illustrious career as a clap boy. At the age of 24, he became the youngest film maker of his times. It has been a long journey since then traversing more than 40 years of ups and downs but never failing in spirit.

Poster RK Exhibition Paris

The exhibition MĂ¢itres de Hindi CinĂ©ma- Raj Kapoor traces this journey of the master showman, legendary actor, director and producer.

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Recently, I met VĂ©ronique to know more about her exhibition 'Holi : a pinch of colour in India' shortly before she was to leave for French Polynesia on a work assignment.


VĂ©ronique Durruty



VĂ©ronique Durruty is a French photographer who travels all over the world on her photographic assignments- a job that we can all be envious of ! Jokes apart, photography, for VĂ©ronique, is almost a way of life and one can sense it on meeting her.

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Monthly E-motions- Festive October

With the Hindu festive season on in full swing, we wish our readers the very best of times. May the season being happiness, peace and prosperity to one and all.




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Meditation in today's world- Vipassana

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Meditation is introspection in a deep state of relaxation beyond the chagrins of mundane world. Many meditative techniques and disciplines have been available for practitioners within the realm of religion and outside it since antiquity.


Vipassana Meditation 1-Day Sitting
1-day sitting in NY © Vipassana Research Institute


Let us look closely at the meditation technique of Vipassana.

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The vacations are over and the 'rentrée' is here. Hope you have all had good and relaxing August and that you are looking forward to getting back to an invigorating September full of activities- be it on professional or personal front !


Le Bain et le Mirroir Ecouen


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Pandit Jasraj- Indian under Spotlight

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Great Hindustani vocalist Pandit Jasraj is not new to Paris as he comes here for his concerts. We put spotlight on the 'Sangeet Martand' for the benefit of our readers.


Pandit Jasraj
courtesy: TDLV, Paris & Senseworld Music


Pandit Jasraj had musical initiation quite early in his life. He was born in the Hisar district of Haryana state in 1930 in a musical family. His grandfather Pandit Jyotiram, father Pandit Motiram and elder brother, Pandit Maniram were all acclaimed vocalists and composers steeped in the tradition of Mewati gharana* of Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

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