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Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) is a unique place of its kind in its world- situated in the 14th arrondisement of Paris, this huge campus houses approximately 5500 students from over 100 countries, in over 40 different buildings.




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Guest Speak-Paris Rhetoric-I

Paris offers a huge Cultural, Intellectual and Artistic choice so rich that it entails its own contradictions and rhetoric.


Le Rocher de l'Hermitage



We will focus on the values which have made Paris the cultural centre of Europe and, at the same time, the most inclined to live on its past. I will present the historical background of the sites mentioned below.

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A sharp contrast to Indian teatime, the ritual in France is more akin to a 'le quatre heures' or Afternoon Tea at Four O'Clock. Served with 'not just tea', there is coffee, fruit juice, cake and a selection of cookies.

Tea came to the west with the sea traders around XVIIth century. Engaged in trade with the orient, these merchants would bring back silk, porcelain, jewels, tea and spices among others. Tea came to France through Dutch traders in the middle of seventeenth century. Considered an aristocratic luxury at the time, it was more expensive than silver. Many a cup of fine tea were enjoyed in the afternoon in the social settings of the noble class. It was considered an occasion to partake with children.

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Thinking of Rajasthan, the mind immediately conjures up a colourful land with Indian royalty, endless sand dunes, camp fires in a desert night, gypsies singing and dancing to the traditional tunes, turbaned attires, daal-baati-churma served in a thali and of course, the ubiquitous Bollywood style imagery ! Rajasthan is the original land of the gypsies from where these people travelled one place to another entertaining the royal courts and the masses for living.


Dhoad Gypsy Group of Rajasthan


Dhoad gypsies from Rajasthan, a troupe of eight musicians-performers, have taken upon themselves to be the cultural brand ambassadors of the land of the maharajahs and of Rajasthan.

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Monthly E-motions- June of Evolving Arts

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The month of June promises to be exciting with some stalwarts of Indian traditional and popular culture coming to Paris for their respective performances.


Sooraj Nambiar as Dushyanta in Kuttiyattam


We also dedicate this month to Kuttiyattam- the oldest surviving theatre of Sanskrit. Readers will have an opportunity to see the reinterpretation of Kalidas's Shakuntala with the Natana Kairali Theatre presented in a single exceptional show that will last for seven hours !

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As a kid, I remember having read in the school books that Mahatma Gandhi used to walk about 10 Kms a day. While that has never been my goal, but I do derive pleasure out of walking- all by myself or in company. Have you ever been intrigued by walkers or trekker with poles that look like ski poles? Chances are that you are looking at a practitioner of Nordic Walking.


Affiche Journée Marche Nordique


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Indian Quarter in Paris

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There are no boundaries as to where the area, which the people from sub-continent call the Indian Quarter, begins. But you are sure to know you are in it when the sweet, tantalizing aromas from the kitchens of many Indian restaurant starts to haunt you everywhere. Thus begins your invitation to the trip to mini India in Paris.



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