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Currently based in Delhi at the helm of the Indian Revenue Services that he joined in 1981, Dinesh Verma studied English Literature at the University of Delhi. An alumnus of the prestigious institutes of Paris-  Institut International d’Administration Publique and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Mr. Verma lived in Paris for almost three years. He is married and has two children. Dinesh Verma has written ‘The Fine Print and other Yarns’- his first published book- an interesting collection of short stories derived from various experiences of Indians' stay in Paris and their view of the French culture. Here's a tête-à-tête with Mr. Verma on his Paris experiences, his views of the French and his book 'The Fine Print and Other Yarns'*.


Dinesh Verma


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More than 3000 products labelled Fair Trade / Max Havelaar are sold in France from various outlets that range from specialised shops to mass retailers. Fair trade products have more and more takers in France as is evident from a sale of 287 million euros in 2009.

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Paris and Films

Paris has appeared in countless films of Hollywood to Bollywood passing through the French cinema, of course. Each year, more than 650 film shoots take place in more than 4,000 outdoor locations of Paris. Paris landmarks and landscapes have appeared in films, television soaps, advertisements, documentaries, short films etc. made by French and the foreigners alike.


Film Shooting


As the just released film 'Adèle BlancSec' by Luc Besson takes the viewers on a trip to Paris of 1912, let us look at the relation of Paris with the 7th art.

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Situated on either sides of Paris- Bois de Boulogne in the South-West and Bois de Vincennes to the North-East borders of the city, these two enormous woodlands offer the much needed fresh air and a natural landscape to dot Paris.



Both the areas were a conglomeration of forests and used as hunting grounds by French royalty over centuries.Today, they are used by Parisians as a retreat to the nature and for various leisure activities. 

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I have been to Chantilly, a suburban city to the North of Paris, quite a few times. I have visited it with friends, admired its castle, the stables, the racecourse and have sampled La Crème Chantilly- right where it belongs! I did not know till my first visit that the famous Crème Chantilly derives its name from here. For those who might like to try their hand at recreating the Crème Chantilly at their home, here's this easy recipe just right for that summer Strawberries and cream afternoon! 

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Monthly E-motions- Sunny July

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This month opens up on a sunny and festive note as the world famous Rathyatra is being held in various cities of the world, including Paris. The 'yatra' is accompanied by singing, chanting, drums, cymbals and dancing. The procession ends with a stage show, festival and vegetarian prasadam feast.


RatyYatra Paris 2010


Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra Paris 2010

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Discover nature in Paris with children

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Paris offers something for everyone including for its little Parisians and tourists. During school vacations or weekends, there are several options for taking children to various places in Paris. These places have been selected based on their informative and educative nature. Either free or with a nominal entrance fees, they are ideal for spending time with nature and with children.


des bois


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