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This is the season of lights from the festival of Diwali to certain streets in Paris that have begun to deck up for the year-end festivals. As many as six different events are planned for Diwali- from soul searching musical evenings to dinner and dance soirées, the festival of lights just got better !


Diwali 2010 at ISKCON Radha-Krishna Temple, Paris


With Autumn finally setting in, we get back to the roots of existence with all that is natural and unspoiled. In this spirit, we present various articles of Green France- our attempt at bringing the natural, organic, ethical and sustainable way of French living to our readers. I

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Pigeons in Paris

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Seeing pigeons on the Parisian landscape is as common as the famous dog poop on Parisian streets. With the ratio of 1 pigeon per 25 Parisians, what does it mean to share one's space with this bird kind ? Here's their story, second hand of course !


Feeding pigeons in Venice


In Paris, there are three existing species* of pigeon- the Rock pigeon (Columba livia), Wood pigeon (Columba palumbus) and the Stock pigeon (Columba oenas). It may be known that as many as 174 species of birds form the biodiversity of Paris along with 2000 species each of plants and animals, 3 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibians, 33 species of mammals and 36 species of fishes.

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Paris Cabarets- Moulin Rouge-2

The Moulin Rouge’s French Cancan is famous and reclaimed world-wide. Be it for the Cannes Festival, Hollywood or even Hong Kong, the Carnival of Rio, Sydney, the troupe of Cancan dancers never hesitates to cross the frontiers to represent the Moulin Rouge and Paris.


Moulin Rouge- Doriss Girls


This year as Moulin Rouge celebrates its 120 years, the French Cancan is still presented every night on the Moulin Rouge stage, and has been in every show since 1889.

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For anyone who comes from North India, rajma-chawal is one of those national symbols that keep us beckoning to our mothers' kitchens. Red kidney beans are also a common ingredient of Mexican dish 'chilli con carne' and are equally used in Creole dish of red beans with rice in Louisiana.




Without further ado, here's the punjabi recipe that works almost flawlessly for Rajma.

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Christmas Market is a regular feature in any European City worth its salt! Called Marché de Noël in French, the earliest Christmas Market in France dates back to 1570 from Strasbourg. This comes as no surprise considering that the origins of such markets can be traced back to Germany from the middle ages.


Chritmas Market


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Currently based in Delhi at the helm of the Indian Revenue Services that he joined in 1981, Dinesh Verma studied English Literature at the University of Delhi. An alumnus of the prestigious institutes of Paris-  Institut International d’Administration Publique and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Mr. Verma lived in Paris for almost three years. He is married and has two children. Dinesh Verma has written ‘The Fine Print and other Yarns’- his first published book- an interesting collection of short stories derived from various experiences of Indians' stay in Paris and their view of the French culture. Here's a tête-à-tête with Mr. Verma on his Paris experiences, his views of the French and his book 'The Fine Print and Other Yarns'*.

Dinesh Verma


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Sustainable development, citizen's engagement and ethical consumption are coming out of their fancy, 'intellectual' mode to touch a larger base as more and more people are aware of and have means to allow themselves and others the practice of fair trade.

Fair Trade Breakfast

© Max Havelaar - Stiftung (Switzerland)

More than 80 million families in 40 countries have consumed fair trade/ Max Havelaar products. More than 6 million people in 60 countries- of whom 1.2 million individual farmers and workers- benefited from an estimated €3.4 billion generated in global Fair trade retail sales in 2009 that saw a growth of 15% compared to previous year. In France, in 2008, one household per three, bought at least one product labelled Fair trade-Max Havelaar offered by 205 enterprises. Fair trade sales generated 287 million euros in 2009 in France.

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