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March 22nd is World Water Day 2013 - this year's theme is 'Water Cooperation'.

By mid-Century, the world population is projected to reach 9 billion thereby increasing the food and fibre demand by 70%. If the pressure on water resources is not solved, there might be severe food and water shortage. If you think you are not going to live that long to see the shortage, think of the place you are leaving for your children or grand-children or loved ones to live in.


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'Yarwng' or Roots is the story of suffering and sacrifice of that which is of lesser importance for greater good. Viewers are taken to the North-Eastern state of Tripura where creation of a dam for producing electricity must mean displacement of villagers bordering the rivers on which the project will be built. The suddenness of situation does not let villagers even soak in the ramifications this will have on their way of life, they must pack and leave towards an uncertain future, leaving behind that which is not essential, material and relationships including. This tears apart the lovers Karmati and Wakhiri on the eve of their marriage to pursue their separate ways. Will a future meeting heal the scars left by events beyond one's control ?


Meena Debbarma in Yarwng

Meena Debbarma in 'Yarwng'

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Weeks after Diwali - the great festival of lights- has been celebrated by Indians the world over, Indians in Paris are in no mood to hang their festival boots. The festivities continue with Diwali celebrations in India House where the local Indians and Indophiles will reunite to celebrate the spirit.


Diwali 2011


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Swimming Pools in Paris

More than 38 swimming pools and 2 nautical bases in Paris offer the possibility to practise one's favourite water sports be it swimming, aqua-gym, diving, canoeing, kayak, rowing or sailing. There exist 10 basins for school children as well.


Competition swimming pool- Rufino Uribe

© Rufino Uribe. Creative Commons Attribution

Out of these 38 swimming pools, 23 are equipped to receive handicapped persons or those with reduced mobility. More than 20 swimming pools are open up to 8 PM at least once in a week; 14 swimming pools (notably Josephine Baker with more than 300 places, Saint Merri, ...) have solarium or sun-rooms for sunbathing; and 6 swimming pools (Keller, Auteuil, Hébert,...)  are turned open-air during summer months.

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Weekend getaways from Paris II- Deauville

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Devoid of any great history from ancient times, Deauville was a small village situated on Mount-Canisy. In 1858, the Duke of Morny, half-brother of Napoleon III, who was invited to Trouville by his doctor, took to the place and decided to construct this expanse of sand and marshes in to « a kingdom of elegance » near Paris. He constructed the city between 1860 and 1864 and made magnificent villas, race course and had it connected to Paris by rails in order to attract the aristocratic Paris clientèle.


Les Planches - Deauville
les planches- OT Deauville - Patrice le Bris


In the beginning of 20th century , the place benefited from the enthusiasm of the « Belle Époque ». Luxury hotels and the casino came up.

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Gift ideas for Christmas

The Christmas is just around the corner. Here are a few suggestion for some shopping during the holiday season. It is a season for giving and receiving or even buying gifts for oneself ! Go indulge ! 

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When I first received information about the narration of Indian tale 'King and the corpse', I was not so sure about its Indian roots for a story with a corpse in its title sounded morbid, unfit for general public consumption and very non-Hindu* like. As I read further, I realized that the story in question was Vikram and Baital. Suddenly, my childhood memories of sitting in front of Door-Darshan watching Ramanand Sagar's 'Vikram Aur Baitaal' came flooding in along with a burst of nostalgic enthusiasm and intrigue.


Le roi et le cadavre

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