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Beauvais-Tillé Airport

Beauvais-Tillé Airport

If you are using Ryanair, Blue Islands, Wizz Air, Blue Air or Central Islands as a carrier to travel to other destinations in Europe, you will find yourself using Beauvais-Tillé Airport or simply called Beauvais (pronounced 'bovay') Airport.

This airport has been around since 1930. It was opened to commercial use in 1956. Located 85 kms North of Paris in the commune of Beauvais, it is the third largest Paris Airport. Some major destinations served by this airport are Madrid, Dublin, Glasgow, Milan, Stockholm, Venice, Budapest and Warsaw.


There are more than 15 hotels- 3 star, 2 star, Bed & Breakfast- in Beauvais city located at varying distances from the Airport.



The Airport operates a shuttle coach to and from Paris centre, eight times a day, for a return fare of 26 Euros and a one-way fare of 13 Euros per person. The Coach takes approximately 75 minutes to reach Paris. It terminates in Paris at the bus parking on Boulevard Pershing, near the hotel Concorde Lafayette. This stop is within a stone's throw from the train stations Porte Maillot of Metro Line 1 and RER C. Shuttles to reach Beauvais Airport from Paris can be had from the same bus parking.



  • Shuttle service to and from Paris. For more information on shuttle service and time table, click here.
  • Parking. Beauvais has 3 ample parking spaces to accommodate as many as 1535 cars. You can park the car for an hour or for a few days. The average parking fees for 5 days is approximately 38 or 48 Euros, depending on the car parking chosen.
  • Flight Information. For flights originating or arriving at Beauvais airport, one can get flight information/ flight timetable by dialling +33 892 682 066*. Service available 7/7 from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.
  • Rent a bike. If you are in transit at the Beauvais Tillé airport with a few hours at hand and would like to explore the Beauvais city (4km to the city centre from the airport), you can rent a bike from the 'Point Tourisme' (tourist information booth), located in Terminal 1. The cost is starting from 2€/ hour with various proposed itineraries like shopping, culture, cathedral, old city, nature etc. For further information, click here.
  • Car Rental. Six car rental companies have booths at the Beauvais airport- Hertz, Avis, Europcar, National/ Citer, UCAR and SIXT. They offer a variety of vehicles and tarifs.
  • Taxi. Taxis are available at the airport for various destinations. An approximate day time taxi fare to Paris (90 km) is 140 euros; for Beauvais city centre (6.5 km), the approximate day time fare is 12 euros whereas for Disneyland Paris (125 km), it is 180 euros.
  • Conference rooms. For organising business meetings, 2 halls- 58 sq.m & 66 sq.m- are available for rent at the airport for an hour, half a day or full day with or without computer equipment. The cost varies from 51€ to 408€ without taxes.



  • Tickets for going to or from Beauvais airport can be bought in advance from Beauvais Airport Website using a credit card.
  • Tickets can be bought on board the shuttle service but has to be paid in cash.
  • Arrive at the shuttle stop at least 3 hours 15 minutes before the departure of your flight.
  • Coaches for Paris leave every 20 minutes from the airport after the arrival of a flight at the airport.
  • The car park charges vary between the three parking lots- P1, P2, P3. If you are parking your car for a few days, it is advisable to read the parking meter before entering the parking for an approximate idea of charges for the total duration of parking.
  • Those hiring a taxi should remember that the day fare applies between 7 AM & 7 PM. Night charges, Sundays and Public or Bank Holiday charges are supplementary. At last documentation, the pick-up charges were 2€ and minimum charges were 5.80€ for hiring the taxi. Some taxis may not accept animals or charge extra for them. There are additional charges for 4th adult and above as well as for luggage weighing more than 10 kg.
  • Weight allowances vary as per airlines. It is recommended to check with respective airlines for the allowed luggage limit.
  • It is also recommended to check the in-cabin allowed material (medicines, liquid, food items etc.) which may differ as per airlines and may be slightly more restricted compared to bigger International airports such as the CDG.


Website of Beauvais Tillé Airport (English)

*The number may be surcharged.