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A practical guide on how to survive in Paris

Welcome to Indians In Paris!

A premium information portal for Indians and Indophiles who have been or would be in Paris at least once in their lifetime.

We started as a site to offer information to Indians visiting Paris. Indians, for us, includes any one with an Indian root, in body, mind or soul. We are encouraged by the fact that you find the website useful with its information-rich content- be it on good vegetarian restaurants or basic rules of spoken French, keeping you abreast with upcoming Paris events through Events Calendar or helping you get started with the French Culture and the like. Our continued endeavour is to help you appreciate Paris and the French life.


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Save Water Save Life

March 22nd is World Water Day 2013 - this year's theme is 'Water Cooperation'.

By mid-Century, the world population is projected to reach 9 billion thereby increasing the food and fibre demand by 70%. If the pressure on water resources is not solved, there might be severe food and water shortage. If you think you are not going to live that long to see the shortage, think of the place you are leaving for your children or grand-children or loved ones to live in.


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Monthly E-motions- December of free festive fun

City of Paris is undoubtedly one of the most expensive metropolitans to live in. However festival fun does not always have to come with a high price tag. Here's a selection of some free activities to suit everyone- whether you are young or old, artistic or sportive, recluse or adventurous, shopaholic or environment conscious or a bit of everything !


Free and Fun Xmas


Don't forget to check out Indian events for the month. If you are one of those who wish to live life to the fullest never mind a few loose purse-stings, go and indulge in some capital fun, the Parisian way.

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Indians under spotlight- Crew of Yarwng

'Yarwng' or Roots is the story of suffering and sacrifice of that which is of lesser importance for greater good. Viewers are taken to the North-Eastern state of Tripura where creation of a dam for producing electricity must mean displacement of villagers bordering the rivers on which the project will be built. The suddenness of situation does not let villagers even soak in the ramifications this will have on their way of life, they must pack and leave towards an uncertain future, leaving behind that which is not essential, material and relationships including. This tears apart the lovers Karmati and Wakhiri on the eve of their marriage to pursue their separate ways. Will a future meeting heal the scars left by events beyond one's control ?


Meena Debbarma in Yarwng

Meena Debbarma in 'Yarwng'

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An Eco-Friendly and Responsible Christmas

Christmas is a magical time whether you believe in Santa Claus or not. There is festive spirit in the air- the decorated show windows, illuminated streets and avenues, heavy duty shopping, animations, family get-together, celebrations and gifts.


Danish Christmas Tree

© Malene Thyssen. Creative Commons Attribution

All this is not without its impact on the environment as the days following Christmas turn out to be heavily charged for garbage collectors what with gift wrapping and other packagings of Xmas gifts and of course, the Christmas tree itself.

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